New Orleans Opera Association (NOOA)

New Orleans Opera Association (NOOA)

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The mission of the New Orleans Opera Association (NOOA) as adopted by the Board of Directors in April, 1992 is to provide the finest possible operatic performances within its means to the New Orleans Metropolitan Area, the State of Louisiana, and the River and Gulf Regions.

Grand Opera comprises broad historical, social and geographical events. It is the purpose of NOOA in producing opera to provide for the cultural enrichment of people of all ages without regard to their racial or ethnic make-up, or their physical or economic circumstances.

The goals of the organization are to plan, produce and present opera of the highest musical and artistic caliber, especially by drawing on Louisiana’s abundant artistic talent to reach out to a broad public, educating them and developing in them a greater awareness of opera; to provide a statewide education program that includes live performance in the schools, a local student matinee of a mainstage operatic production, free public performances, and opera education lectures; to facilitate the attendance and comfort of individuals with physical and mental impairments; and to maintain the H. Lloyd Hawkins Scenic Studio as a local, national and international opera resource.


616 Girod St., Suite 200 New Orleans, LA, USA