Walter Kharboutli – abstract paintings

Walter Kharboutli - abstract paintings

Full Description

“Land of abstract is dream for everyone”

Walter Kharboutli, a Beyrouth born artist, has lived in France since 1984. After his studies in Bordeaux, he worked in the Dordogne area and has since settled down in Amiens, Picardie where he teaches art and design at Jules Vernes University and in various schools and institutions. He had the opportunity to stay in Rome in the Villa Medic, to develop his talent and has exhibited his works at Unesco (2008) and at the libanese tourist office in Paris (2011).
His abstract paintings are very heartful and his vibrating colours mainly red, blue and gold speak to the heart. Influenced by his oriental and Christian roots and at the same time building a link with the western world, he expresses his hope in love, peace and harmony for human kind.
At the present time he gives painting lessons both in grammar schools to the university..


80000 Amiens, France, Europe