Alán Carrasco

Visual artist

Alán Carrasco

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Alán Carrasco | Visual artist | Spanish born, lives and works in Lima, Peru

The focuses of my artistic practice are postcolonial processes, territoriality and the relations of production and remuneration. We live in a global context of deep inequalities and injustices due to a number of licenses and arbitrariness of an imperfect system. My trip and stay in Latin America have led me also to focus on postcolonial theories and realities of construction of the different nations that occurred after the collapse of the Colonial empire. Also allowed me to understand the processes of independence were relative and even today coloniality patterns remain in place in many facets of life.

Besides artistic practice, Carrasco’s working as a teacher at the University San Ignacio de Loyola in Lima and in Tolouse Lautrec Superior Art School, where he teaches courses such as ‘Photo Criticism’, ‘Creativity Workshop’ or ‘Theory of Documentary Photography’, among others.



Lima, Peru. South America